New Products

The FE Olive Oil, Kosher certified, assures that all the production is made respecting the tight rules of the Jewish community.

Kosher means that a product is safe, appropriate to consume and it fulfills all the requirements of the Jewish diet.
All the process is supervised by a rabi, who assures that all the precepts are followed with special focus in hygiene.
The Rabbi that certifies all this process is Elisha Salas who defends “all kind of aliments must be supervised; we know we are what we eat. Therefore the Jewish always have been concerned with what kind of food we eat, and always have been very preoccupied with what the Tora say’s, what the Jewish law say’s, with what the Rabbies say in what concerns to the fabric process, so according to this we must supervise the product that we are doing”

This “Kosher olive oil” is sold in packages of 9 bottles of 0,5l.